A little drip drop made us feel all better today!


I never thought that just a random rain will be such an important subject matter for a write-up on my blog. During this pandemic period where everyone is confined to their homes with so boring chaos, rain is the least expected thing on everybody’s list. Continue reading “A little drip drop made us feel all better today!”

The Longest March


The Longest March

March has been so hot and spiritless since its beginning. But life was however typical and boring up to the second week. Unlike last year, people started sensing that 2020 is not exactly ‘the year’ or not the best year of all. But they never give up having hopes about a good life; goals to be achieved; smiles to be made and a life to be spent peacefully.

Meanwhile, the March sky did not show any sympathy other than burning bright and constantly bathing us in sweat. We all felt that something’s not right. The torment has been obvious and the nature was doing its course. Not good. But still we were hoping our best for the month.

It was all sudden for Sri Lanka when the Government declared a week of holiday following curfew until now due to the outbreak of Corona Virus Decease aka COVID – 19 in Sri Lanka. We heard the stories that it all started in China and then slowly took over the whole wide world. By now this virus is affecting 199 countries and territories in the world and more than seven hundred thousand cases and more than 34,000 deaths have been reported around the world. Daily hundreds of people die due to this pandemic which is miserable and frightening. However, the COVID – 19 outbreak has become a global health challenge and an emergency now where even the WHO expertise is running out of resolutions to overcome the pandemic. The United Nations have also called for a global truce to ‘’silence guns; stop the artillery; end the airstrikes’’ indicating that the major importance shall be given to finding ways to end this pandemic.

The entire globe is a mess. A dangerous mess. People are dying and many are battling with it right now. Countries are locked down. Some have imposed curfew. People are going crazy due to the excessive period of staying home and no social links other than internet. Apart from its impact on global economy and politics, what is essential now is to save the entire world from this. It is assumed that if this virus expands to the most vulnerable countries in the world, impact caused on human race will be much severe in a way no one can even imagine. It’s also important to note that SL Government is taking much remarkable measures to protect its people from the pandemic.

However, I’m in my cozy home for almost three weeks now doing nothing important most of the time. I know this is not a time to be glad about the fact that I’m spending a long holiday being at home away from work, crowds, tiresome bus rides and all the social events. I shall not take this time a blessing, but spending three whole damn weeks at home, spending more time with my family is kind of a gift given to me from up above.

March has absolutely been the longest. True, the more I’m deprived of all the busy work, the less I feel tensed. But March was felt like a long dark period where people stay indoors not going out at all, afraid, hopeless and constantly praying and waiting for a miracle to happen. Though long and sad, life in March has been kind of good for me waking up around 10.00 o’clock, reading all those long due novels to be read, excessively making fruit juice, perfectly drying my hair after daily bath, little bit of gardening and watching Peter Pan with my Nephew at 5.00 p. m. It’s been three weeks only and I feel like I have already spent six months at home.

I hope April will be a healing month for everyone and I pray that the world will heal faster than it got wounded!!!

What was done in love was done well!!!


What would happen to you if you get caught in the web of love and can’t get out from that few years after? You have the pain inside and can’t think of anything but just going down in that memory lane, crying and crying more often. To love somebody is so beautiful. You start doing amazing things and dreaming. But if you are not valued enough in that love, that is not really your problem. We all make bad choices in life. But when you know it’s really the time to let go of things, you should. Continue reading “What was done in love was done well!!!”



Can I take a step forward to judge this loathsome political blindness?! Simply, when somebody is blindly and ridiculously loyal to a political party even after seeing all the havoc and the stupid deeds they do, my friend, that is called political blindness. Sri Lanka is a Democratic Socialist Republic by name and therefore, I firmly believe that I have my fundamental right to criticize what is not correct, and to praise what is actually good. Continue reading “POLITICAL BLINDNESS IS A WASTE OF YOUR WILL!!!”

Friendship formed in an old fashioned way!


The world is moving faster with Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. People are able to see each other online and see the pictures of each other when posting to timelines of their walls. Youngsters do lots of e-chatting on WhatsApp, Viber, etc. They meet new friends and build up connections so fast and it has now become just a matter of a friend request on social media. Continue reading “Friendship formed in an old fashioned way!”