What was done in love was done well!!!


What would happen to you if you get caught in the web of love and can’t get out from that few years after? You have the pain inside and can’t think of anything but just going down in that memory lane, crying and crying more often. To love somebody is so beautiful. You start doing amazing things and dreaming. But if you are not valued enough in that love, that is not really your problem. We all make bad choices in life. But when you know it’s really the time to let go of things, you should. Continue reading “What was done in love was done well!!!”



I think I need to be surrounded by friends at this point of my life. I have always been that one who admires friends and bonds, remembering how precious they can be at times. I can say my circle is bit big and I have friends from everywhere. Some are like home to me while some are really amazing and caring about my growth. Continue reading “FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS !!!”



Can I take a step forward to judge this loathsome political blindness?! Simply, when somebody is blindly and ridiculously loyal to a political party even after seeing all the havoc and the stupid deeds they do, my friend, that is called political blindness. Sri Lanka is a Democratic Socialist Republic by name and therefore, I firmly believe that I have my fundamental right to criticize what is not correct, and to praise what is actually good. Continue reading “POLITICAL BLINDNESS IS A WASTE OF YOUR WILL!!!”

Friendship formed in an old fashioned way!


The world is moving faster with Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. People are able to see each other online and see the pictures of each other when posting to timelines of their walls. Youngsters do lots of e-chatting on WhatsApp, Viber, etc. They meet new friends and build up connections so fast and it has now become just a matter of a friend request on social media. Continue reading “Friendship formed in an old fashioned way!”

I miss y’all!!!

(we ended up being bridesmaids for D)

I wish to be in a free space where I don’t have exams anymore, so that I can spend my weekends ruining the lives of my best friends! Well, I dug my own pit and I’ve fallen in to that and I will have to crawl out by myself. Never mind, this busy time will be an investment right! For life at least! But I can’t be lying…. Continue reading “I miss y’all!!!”

Gaga triggers me a lot these days!!!


Believe me when I say, I played her extremely beautiful song ‘Always remember us this way’ in A Star is Born’ exactly 7 times on my way to work today!!!! And right now, I got down from one bus and waiting for another. Even if I’m standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus, I can’t help myself penning down these thoughts. Today, being the Valentine’s Day and, me – not being so much of a fan of it, I chose good music to start the day instead. In love, we all get weak at times. We all become shaken at times. It’s not always perfect. We get fears as well as tears. Gaga has just voiced all my fears. I feel like! Oh damn! You are truly inspirational. Highly influential. I love you so very much. You trigger me almost in every way Gaga.

Continue reading “Gaga triggers me a lot these days!!!”