Words that make me alive!

“Hope is the magic carpet that transports us from the present moment into the realm of infinite possibilities”

– Brown, A.J. –

I always feel positive and relatively good when someone says: “I hope you will pass this phase with courage”, “I hope you are doing good” or “We hope you will be there sooner or later”. This makes me feel good and hope that I will feel good sooner or later even if I’m in a bad mood and in a middle of a failure.Continue reading “Words that make me alive!”

Cleansing myself from who I really wasn’t

First of all, I would genuinely apologize from my readers for not being consistent in keeping up with my blog. I had been running very busy over the past couple of months beyond any word that I can express. I like me “the one who writes”, but my working schedule hasn’t always been favorable for my true needs. I know, I should have found time for myself; to write my heart out. Anyways, I’m trying to keep up with my blog; one of the very few spaces which truly makes me focused, concerned and content.

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හිස්තැන් නැති ආදරයක් 💕

හැරෙන්නට හේතු දහක් හෙව්වද

හැරෙන්නට බෑ මතක ගුලිකර

වැරෙන් හිතටම හයිය අරගෙන

රකින ප්‍රේමය තමයි ලස්සන……….

රිදෙන තැන් වැඩි වුණත් ඉඳහිට

නොරිද්දන තැන් හෙමින් හොය හොය

ගලන ගඟ වගෙ නොනැවතී මම

හොයන්නෙම ඔබෙ ප්‍රේමයේ හැඩ………….

නුඹේ ආදරෙ නිමක් නොවුවද

ඒකෙ හිස් තැන් නොතිබුණා නොව

ඒත් පෙරලා ආදරෙයි මම

නුඹයි තාමත් මගේ පෙම් කඳ…………

අඳුර විනිවිද දකින්නෙමි මම

දුරක සිටියද ඔබේ සෙනෙහස

ආදරෙන් තනියම පරිස්සම්

කරන ආදරෙ තමයි ලස්සන……………

නොදැක අවුරුදු ගණන් ගෙවුණද

නොසිත ඉන්නට බෑ ඔබේ ගුණ

එදා වගෙමයි තවම මම අද

නොවේ වෙනසක් ප්‍රේමයෙහි මෙම……….

Too far for the rainbow?🌈

Life can get absolutely tricky at times. You wonder on cold November days like these, what’s even the purpose of this life?! What’s the course of living and where it actually heads you towards?! Is it worth living the life that you’re given?

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Pettah Stories! 💁🏻‍♀️

If there’s one thing I enjoy a lot while traveling, it’s looking around the streets in pettah while taking the bus from Pettah to my university. I get to see how street vendors bargaining with customers and trying to keep at least a little profit. I can see how people run like busy bees and some leisurely wandering around the streets. There’s so much dust, lot of dirt and noises. I can see sweaty faces parched due to heat and sun everywhere. People from all races mixed together. People with different types of sexual orientations. People minding their own business. People wandering aimlessly and some hitting on women passing by. And even shabbily dressed women with so dark skin trying to lure men so that their children at home will be stuffed tonight. Beggars asking money from passerbys under the burning sun. All street food stalls look fancy with hundreds of sweets but covered with dust. How much it tempted me to go and have a try, I don’t want to. Because the next day you might wake up to an urge of a diarrhea. Who knows! I even notice how prostitutes are waiting for customers with oddly painted lips and nails, wearing mini skirts and stuff, and I have seen how they tackle men with such urge. I see thousands of different things with thousands of different stories on them. Life seems so tricky but simple in the streets of Pettah. So many untold stories but can easily be guessed.

I have been enjoying these views for years and not that i get this so often nowadays. I don’t know anyone who gets to travel through these dirty noisy and crowded streets take this reward being attentive. Anyways, this is such a view I’ve been enjoying by sitting by a window seat of the bus. I thought today, if I’m not leaving this here on my blog about this scenery, it would never be fair.

On a side note for those who do not have any idea about the place I am referring here: Pettah is a neighborhood in the Capital of Colombo, Sri Lanka, famous for its markets and open air bazaars.

Inner Happiness ✨

Looking back at my life back in May, I think probably in the former part of the month, I was feeling so broken. Lonely. And sometimes even worthless. There had been times when I used to tell myself that I don’t have enough luck with myself. That god doesn’t pave any way for me anymore. That no god is overlooking me up from the sky. Continue reading “Inner Happiness ✨”

To the random girl who offered me a seat today

Since May, my mom was so insisting on going to see her sick sister in Kalutara, in the western border of the country. As there are no direct highway buses to Kalutara, we thought of taking train to avoid traffic, to make our journey more speedy and also for a change. So me and my mom got into the train from our village train station and the train was so packed with old, young, children and infants as well. Only my mon could get vacant seat to sit. I was standing for an hour straightly Continue reading “To the random girl who offered me a seat today”

Little things that matter!

My mother is the best part of my life, I would say. I love her deeply and we have a very close bond. I have never regret about the fact that I was born to her.  I could see the commitments she did for us. To make our lives beautiful andbetter. And my love towards her will not go beyond any love that I have experienced in life so far. Continue reading “Little things that matter!”

Lost in a big wide world……

It was after 77 days only I headed back to Colombo, the capital to start working again. My office people had prepared a roaster so that everyone at work get a fair share of work once a week. So I’m done with my two days work and heading back to my sweet hometown. Continue reading “Lost in a big wide world……”

Cosmic Connections……

I have heard many people complaining a lot of not having sincere friends in life. Many would say “ahhh I have some good and close friends, but none of them is not really a best friend “. At that moment I knew I was so lucky. Even before I understood the real meaning of a friend, or having a true friend in life, I got this beautiful girl for myself. Continue reading “Cosmic Connections……”