Feel no shame at your struggles!

The idea of having a perfect life is some sort of a myth, I suppose. Nothing is perfect in a world like this which is prone to get cracked at any possible moment. Nobody is perfect and everybody is just beautiful in the way they are. Continue reading “Feel no shame at your struggles!”


1096 is just only a number!



1096 days for today and part of me can’t believe the fact that I have already shared a thousand days with you. For we are constantly praying an existence together, never being apart, we have many years to go together.

This is not either to praise you for being with me, or to praise me for being with you or not even to praise our relationship for we are making it up to now beating odds. I thought the idea of praising all of this is way too conventional. Because nobody wants to speak the stark reality behind their relationships. But i do today!

In my story, Continue reading “1096 is just only a number!”

Let’s celebrate Feminism in a more delicate way!


I have never wanted to call myself a complete feminist. I’d rather tell the world that I have been governed by certain feministic views due to my feministic education which eventually changed my viewpoint in looking at certain things to the point I claim for the equality for women. I do really can’t stand it when women are mistreated, humiliated, degraded and violated.

Yes, I support women to get equal rights Continue reading “Let’s celebrate Feminism in a more delicate way!”



Hi all!

Right on last Friday night I’ve got a notification from one of my favourite bloggers saying that I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I got kind of dumbstruck of not being able to figure out what’s it all about. Part of me didn’t want to believe the fact. It certainly is something big for me. Something I have never ever expected. It’s a nomination. For my own blog! Yippee!

What exactly is Sunshine Blogger Award?