Geminis All the Way from Life…….


Truth is that I neither believe so much in astrology, nor I completely look down the subject. Yet there are moments when I feel like trusting it and look bit deeper into the field. Like any other Sri Lankan who does not happen to be an atheist, I like knowing and learning new things, and when it comes to Astrology my curiosity always pops up from the deep heart’s core.

Sometimes, I get my horoscope read by a personal astrologer and she kept predicting things like nothing. I said I’m not a strong believer in Astrology. But when she predicts something, I am like looking forward it to happen, and at the end it happens. I don’t know whether it’s my mind or destiny, it happens anyway. Sometimes, therefore, I marvel at her superpower of forecasting things in times, even when I didn’t get any clues. When there were not any kinds of traces of such things. I repeat, but the things happened as they had already been planned by the horoscope.

Well, this is again something about zodiac signs. As well as my urge in learning about what my horoscope says (which is very normal), I have that craze in knowing about people through their zodiac signs. I’m a soft but stubborn Capricorn by birth. But for the most of my life, I am constantly surrounded by Geminis. At different phases of my life, I tend to get entangled with Geminis with long term relationships.

I came to this world with a blood sealed relationship with an alpha Gemini. Yes, my Dad is a Gemini and he means it. When I started schooling, I got another Gemini girl. She is sweet as hell, but on the contrary with an inconsistent mind-set.  With the former, I was born to share a life-long relationship; the latter eventually became my best friend for life. I have been dealing with her for 21 years and the time has really been amazing upto now and. As a friend, she is loyal in every possible form, and has always got my back. Despite the inconsistency which constantly guides her, leaving her at situations in dilemmas, she still sticks to the friendship through thick and thin. Eventually, I chose a job and got settled in it. There’s another Gemini who happens to be my work-mate who later became one of my good friends. She is sensitive in many contexts and picky. Yet the emotional support I’m getting from her in most needful situation proves the fact that life with Geminis could be utterly interesting. Eventually we two became good friends and she turns into the solace in my workplace. Great Geminis all the way!

And the great story about Geminis began nearly three years ago, when a guy whom I never imagined of, whom I never happened to came across few years back in class, chose to be the love of my life. He is sensitive as hell and good as God, and only God knows his superpower in love. His demeanour, being a Gemini has always been very comprehensive for me as I have already been sharing different kind of relationships with Geminis all the way from my childhood. At times, he is becomes an exact replica of my father, whose mind is inconsistent, giving orders but taking none, and the one who wants to get whatever thing done only in his way. He, like my dad, do not like conflicts or heat. They won’t stick to heated environment, but their sword like cutting words will pierce from one rib cage to the other. All the Geminis I have come across this far are exactly the same.

Geminis are picky. Very much. But when they pick the one they make the strongest ally, with whom you can fight against the whole world.  When it comes to building relationships, if the love is real, and they can feel it, they give all. When in love, it could be all or none. But their shy-self reflects their loyalty because it’s real.  It’s really fun to watch them growing by my side, with their own rules in their small worlds.

As far, dealing with Geminis might not be easy. You need understanding and patience which would be enough to deal with them. Life with a Gemini is certainly amazing, because you get the strength you are putting in them but most importantly that is unconditional.


Most Ten Amazing Things that Sri Lankan All-Girls’ School Girls Do

Girls’ world is a fusion of subtlety and mischief. Simply, it is a practical madhouse, filled with giggles, laughter, fooling and gossips. Have you ever heard a bunch of girls talking like endless fountains? Or have you ever eavesdropped when they gossip? (Oh God! You should) no world is insane than girls’ world. Can you ever imagine about the madness that an All-Girls’ school has? If you studied in a mix school with your opposite sex, you would never believe the fun they have with a whole set of the same gender.

Yes, it’s too exciting in someone’s teen age to study in a mix school, where you will get caught to the thousand glances of your opposite sex. Yet, it’s way too unbelievable when it comes to the fun side that All-Girls’ School girls have. Some might think, it’s way too boring to study in a Girls’ School where you’ll never meet any guy of your age. But, believe us, when we say, it’s seriously awesome. Because, there are some amazing stuffs that All-Girls’ School girls do even there isn’t a single trace of boys.

  1. Male Actors

You’ll never believe when we say girls are super excellent at acting as males. When a Girls’ School has boyish girls (who act like boys with too much of spirit) and when they are pretty good at acting, we never had to worry. We had dramas and there were boys in them. But we never had that trouble of getting ‘actual boys’ for those roles. Because us girls are always best at acting as boys. What we just wanted was a sarong or a short with a baggy shirt, and paint a mustache and make the voice little too rough and no one believed that it was actually a girl.

  1. Building up houses for Sports meet

 Some might argue, it’s only males who are best at carpentering and building up stuffs. No! Have you ever seen the houses that All-girls’ School girls build up for their sports meets? Being a part of that feminine community for a long period of time, we know by our very experiences, girls are super smart at doing such manly things. There were girls to carry big tree trunks, tree leaves and other whatnot. There was another set of pretty girls to weave the coconut leaves, to mix up clay and build up beautiful mini houses which are truly amazing. We never had that need of a boy to help out with such stuffs. Because those delicate hands were smart enough even to build up mansions

  1. Bongo players in trips

 A school trip of a Girls’ School is not that boring as you think. If you are a boy you might say, “Oh, they are just girls and their trips must be really boring. Who’s there at least to play a bongo? ” No Boys! You are wrong. You should see an All-Girls’ School girls tripping. We had guitarists. We had drummers. We had best singers. And even dancers. What more do we girls actually need to break the boredom of a trip? The thought of needing a boy to play our bongos has never crossed our minds. We had all the fun in the trip and still they were the best.

  1. Cutting Periods

Generally, girls are supposed to be the good students who should study all througheight periods and be the puppies of teachers. (usually in a mix school ) You can never expect such decency from an All-Girls’ School. Girls too, don’t like to glue to a chair and listen to all the blabbering a teacher would say. Boredom hit them too. That’s when they decide to cut periods. In a Gils’ School, you can see girls wandering here and there at random times. One set might be in the washrooms as they all have that super emergency of going to the toilette at once. You can find another set at the canteen gobbling pancakes or licking ice creams. The most cunning set can be found in the library. They act like they have that thirst of exploring knowledge. (what they actually do is reading a romantic novel or a crappy newspaper which is super useless ) Yes! Girls are like that and we got that fun going to an All-Girls’ School.

  1. Endless Joking Times

 A class room full of girls is like a mad house. They tease each other with naughty jokes, which is actually hilarious. Then, think of a school filled only with girls! Chatty girls are usually naughty at joking. They tease their friends by shouting them the names of their crushes. Sometimes they don’t hesitate to reveal it to the whole class and then the whole class would be chanting the name of the crush. These kind f naughty girls don’t think twice to crack jokes even to their male teachers. And the teachers determine to tolerate those sweet jokes in the name of their innocence. Yet, the fun was there……and girls know how to turn a boring class room into a super awesome madhouse.

  1. Random Leaves

It’s not only boys who take secret random leaves from school to home or to any hell. Boys are most famous for jumping over the school walls. Girls’ escapes are not that harsh yet considerable as mischiefs. The old security uncle has always been blindfolded by the pretty smiles of these naughty girls. One girl asks for something impractical from the security uncle, and while he is busy searching for it, girls secretly take their supersonic moves. When the kind security uncle returns with a big smile on his face, the girls are already disappeared and they are nowhere to be found. The security uncle never discovers the secret and girls are still safe as ever.

  1. They are their own decorators

 When there is a special event at school, we become more helpful and generous than ever. We begin to think of the ways to offer our helping hands with all the heart for decorations, arranging chairs and even for cleaning. You are over enthusiastically engaged in work where your presence is least expected. No one will betray you by slandering to the teacher that you are uselessly spending your time at such things. The most amazing thing here is, the half of the class will be encouraged by this and you’ll get number of followers to cut periods without any hesitation. Because girls are really good at covering up things for the sake of their friendship. Even during the Wesak, girls decorate the entire school with the lanterns, buckets & beautiful decorations made by themselves. Girls in All-Girls’ Schools are that much smart and they do not even think of guys to help them out.

  1. Painters & Technicians

How much fun we had just by holding a paint brush all the day back in school. At the beginning of every year, teachers ask us to paint all the desks, chairs cupboards, bookshelves and whatnot. Since there are no any boys, girls become painters willingly. When a whole set of pretty girls with giggles group together, they don’t even remember the tiredness. Everything is painted keenly and nicely than ever. In a school full of girls, why do they need a guy to change a bulb? There are girls who are really good at electrical stuffs. Even they don’t know what to do with such spanners and all, they love to act s professionals. The fun and experience they get doing such things is really worthy for the rest of their lives.

  1. Secretive Diets

Girls always have that burning flame of hunger. They seriously hate to hear their tummies screaming all the time asking for something to eat. There is nothing bigger that would upset girls. So, when they want to stuff themselves, they don’t waste another moment to gobble something. That’s when their secretive diets start. It could be happened during a science period, or while you are struggling with algebra quizzes. Or perhaps your history teacher might be yelling in front of the classroom. But when the hunger hits you, none of thosethings matter.The bravest girls would even go to the school cafeteria in between the periods before the interval. Even though the teacher has begun the lesson before you enter the class, you will have the chance to sneak through the door with the immense support given by the other girls. They will nicely cooperate with your secretive diet.

  1. Imitating teachers

Girls are really good at imitating their teachers. Specially those who study in All-Girls’ Schools. They aren’t reluctant to imitate the actions of their meanest teachers. They would proudly present how they were scolded by the particular teacher while imitating their gestures. The teachers whom they can’t stand will be surely victimized by the sarcastic acting of these naughty girls. They even imitate the way they walk and talk along with the exact facial expressions. These All-Girls’ School girlsare very best at imitating frequently used phrases of their teachers to make it easy for their friends to identify the victimized teacher.





His Love ♥️

( A poetic snippet of our Love Story )

His Love,

I could see it


in his sulks…..

His care,

It was there


in his rage……

His joy,

It was visible


in my smiles 😍

Find your solace in life 💜

Who would not want the solace in life? When life gets harder and when you feel like it is enough, all you need is to sit somewhere alone and ponder deeply. Or not to ponder on anything but just to stare at the night sky for hours. Life is perfect that way. When you give more time for yourself, you can take care of your broken heart. You can mend its broken little pits. All you need is to have a little time for yourself. Just to relax yourself. To concentrate on yourself. That’s when you can find the missing pieces of your life. When you are alone, and under a very beautiful night sky with zillion of shiny stars, you will be able to think of your life. Again. With peace. What breaks you into pieces. What brings joy into your life. Who makes you happy everyday. Why you can’t handle some things in your life. Why can’t you keep up your smile every single minute. So blithely. You will be thinking of the meaning of this life. What adds value to it. How it becomes so precious. Take few minutes for yourself. You will realize what makes you happier at the end of the day. You will know what to treasure. The stars will inspire you to seek new directions in life. The tranquility of night will give you better hopes. The silent sky will teach you to embrace the value of your life. 

Long Distance Love

True love is one kind of an adventure. A long distance relationship will rather be the biggest adventure of all. one must be so strong, confident and faithful to hold on to your partner. To hold on to your long distanced relationship. I, myself am in a long distance relationship. It is through that I learned, love is all about the loyalty that you choose to keep up. It’s all about the commitments you are willing to do for each other. To hold on to such relationship, you should possess a hell of confident. You don’t get to see each other so often. You don’t get to feel the warmth, to hold hands, to cuddle, to have walks or to smell each other so often. You have to wait months, or may be years to get a single kiss on your forehead, yet the moments you spend without seeing each other feels like an eternity. You wait. Wait. And. Wait.

Continuous missing thoughts, late night phone calls, little silly doubts, tears you shed, smiles you shared despite the miles between you, make you the strongest warrior in true love. You learn to stay loyal, even though you are having a very hard time due to distractions that continuously come your way. People might spread rumors which may lead you to doubt your love. People might say not to get committed to somebody whom you can’t even see every day. People will keep giving reasons you to leave. they will say that it is not even worth your time. But deep inside you know, you would fight the demons. Because you know, every single minute is worth waiting.

They say, ” Love penetrate miles, zip codes and state lines ”, and truly it does. In my relationship, I have found my comfortable zone where we feel much easier as two different individuals. We stand alone, but for each other. We know and we do worth our love. The fact of being in a very long distance relationship does not throw us any kind of stones which would break it into pieces. For both of us, that phase has gone. We survived and still we do. Because ever since the first feeling we got for this love, we knew we can survive, and will surely do.