Why we feel constantly insecure?! 😌

So I was seated in the bus today morning, rushing to my office. And a little boy in his school uniform, suppose he is in his tens or so was seated next to me. He was in a deep sleep and I was minding my own business.

Gradually his sleep became much deeper and it had brought his tiny head onto my shoulder. Leaning comfortably towards me and placing his head on my shoulder.

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When life throws stones at you……!

I would like to tell y’all that I’m passing a little bit of unsettling and kind of a hard phase right now. And I don’t take any shame in revealing about it to y’all. Yes, life cannot be and shouldn’t be perfect and all happy and smiling. It is not supposed to be so 24/7. Not all flowers and rain. Not always.

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And I was crying so hard! 😭

It took this long, very long; 25 years as an exact count for me understand what death is really like. And today was the day I came to know that I have a serious luck for life, or may be my guardian angels are looking after me really well 💓

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Love is Love!!!!!

‘ Love is more than memory. When your brain can no longer articulate your relationships with, and your love for, the most important people in your life, your heart knows. Your body knows. Somewhere deep inside, somewhere beyond words, you know who you are and who you love and who loves you ’

I thought of quoting another blogger this time! Today the key phrase is Love is more than memory. Indeed! For the most of time, for most of everyone, love is all we need. Love is all we have, when everything is left behind.

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You are so incredibly loved by the one who made you!!!


I kept writing about everything and nothing. Basically about most trivial things. But what a shame it would be, if I can’t write something about my own mother. What is the point of me holding the pen if I don’t get to write about my mom.  Her birthday fell recently and I thought of penning down a bit about the hero in my life.

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Exclusively For Ladies

Exclusively for Not-Yet Married Ladies………!!!

Stop judging me for making this not-yet married scenario the best out of everything. Or, forgive me if I’m putting so much of stress on the fact of being single is better! (Which counts either having or not having a boyfriend) I mean when everybody is talking about getting involved, giving much importance to attachments or dreaming about a Prince Charming, there should be someone at least telling the world about the bright side of ‘not-getting married’ so soon. Because out there, many girls who are passing their mid-twenties are worrying about not getting married yet.

What is it like this?

You get two options. Either get yourself a man and hurry into the marriage, or stay single for a while. (While you can *a wink*) Depending on your choice, (and some say their destiny) you are measured by your friends, relatives, neighbours and sometimes even by your parents. Given that you have a boyfriend, oh they say, your life must be all fun and cool. People are great assumers! They have always been! Because they have been taught to think, once you get a guy, oh well, you get everything. Boom!

Not so easy kind of a life!

Just because you have a man, it doesn’t mean you have got all the happiness in the world. That all the joys are in your corner! The common known fact is every relationship has its own ups and downs. Nobody is perfect. No relationship is ever flowers and sparks. They fight, constantly, continuously! Until it makes some sort of sense. Or even after that! Just because a couple is going on dates every day, having all the day to themselves, dining at finest restaurants, they cannot be happy all 24/7. I mean, there are happy couples out there, but you should know that no couple is stress- free or fight-free! They have their own complications and over-thinkings giving them reasons to create new fights. So, that is the way. For them, what matters is how they decide to calm all their storms surviving all this long.

What is your blessing?

To tell you the truth, there are some perks of being on your own for a quite some time. No extra-stress in life! You get your own ups and downs! You learn to do things on your own, which eventually turns you into a strong warrior! Well, you come so independent and confident. Because you know, all this long, it has only been you and you.

Your own time is your best time.

Who said that you should be getting married by the age of 25? Hell no! if you can’t get married by the age 25, just start thinking of the brightest side of it. Consider your 25 as the best age to be an independent woman. That you get time to take care of yourself but nobody else. And in a way that nobody will ever do it for you. Seriously, it’s okay to be selfish for yourself sometimes.

Make yourself a priority!

Put yourself on the top of everything. You are way too young to be careless of yourself. The times on your own are the times of growth and best. Remember that this time will never come and do whatever that will please you. Wear some fancy clothes. May be a mini skirt or a bikini, if it’s possible to wear. Who cares! Nobody will. Put some make up on your face and apply a bright lipstick. Buy some quality shoes. Take yourself on dates. Go to fine restaurants in town. Go shopping alone. Buy expensive clothes sometimes and eat cake and cheese and drink some wine too. This is the time that god has given you to think of you with extra care and to treat yourself beautifully. And I’m telling you again, this time will never come!

Enjoy every ounce of it!

Enjoy the time spending in your own room where you can spend some half an hour time wrapped in a towel after a fresh shower. May be sipping a hot coffee. Staring at the walls and thinking about everything and nothing. You get no husband to wait until he gets home, or to pick up dirty clothes to put in the washing machine. To make some dishes for dinner. To rush all the little little things, because you get your kid on the cradle and the toddler needs another round of breast-feeding. Just imagine! You get no issues. What is your problem then?

Not a critique!

I am not being offensive over the marriage life scenario. Marriage is beautiful. Motherhood is amazing. When you get somebody to share your everything that is way too amazing. But what if you are not ready or you could not get settled by this age. I see no point of wasting that time for wishing and day-dreaming over what you do not have right now. Whatever means to come your way, will come for you for sure. Everything will be so nicely perfect and you will be so happy when it’s the time.

Fill that void phase with something better!

Let’s think of better plans. We can make a mini-plan for the next few years of your life. (Let’s say until you get married) you are never too late to start a degree. Or a diploma may be. Or some sort of a course. That would be the best investment of all time. Take yourself on trips; alone and with your girl gang. Have night outs and some sleepovers. Go clubbing, even if you feel like doing. Do whatever your heart says. Single life is too short to enjoy as you please.

Perfect life ahead……..

Always remember to have a balance in your energy; what you put out there for your own breed of feminine and for masculine species as well (it could either be your BOYFRIEND or some male friends). Step into the marriage someday, as a warrior like who has spent a life time alone and being strong. Imagine yourself as a happy female, which would eventually shape you into a cool wife and perfect mom. Your life will be amazing. Age is just a number. Nobody said 25 is the perfect age for marriage. People get married even at 32 and have kids at 35. God has already mapped out your beautiful life. Let whatever thing to come to your life. Take good vibes and breathe out the negative. Life will be still so PERFECT when you feel like enjoying it.

Texting is not really what you all have ever thought of…….


BBC never ceases inspiring me to write more and more on contemporary, much more appealing stuffs to our kind of generation. Today, my mind makes an abrupt halt when I was going through an article on BBC Today which read about the effects of getting addicted to texting.

There comes a phase where the world of youth is severely addicted to transcribe ideas starting from their one single thought to big conversations by using various type of electronic equipment, if the idea is to be more concrete.

Texting is easier than anything……

Hey yes! Of course. Who would say no?! Imagine you are presented at an important meeting where using mobile phones are prohibited. Your phone is ringing and it’s your mom. You know you dad has been sick for days and you on the other hand, have been wondering about his critical condition. You can’t take this urgent call because it’s not allowed depending on that particular context. But still you are capable of sending a text message to her and asking ‘ what is so urgent? ‘ Yes, you can still communicate in situations like this, thanks to SMS (Short Message Service).

To be honest, interaction created through texting has taken the world into a complete new level. So as human relationships.

It’s so addictive!

No wonder, even you might find sending text messages are way too easier than talking either in real meeting or over the telephone. Once you experience the comfort in texting, you never want to switch into making phone calls unless the situation is very needy or inevitable.

Personally, I find texting very comfortable than taking calls, as it always consumes my time, energy and money as well. The truth is even I, who is talking great deal about the unhealthy side of texting, has become a victim of the same thing. Once you feel the comfort and ease, you can never get rid of it and you never want to.


Let’s say 10 years back in time, the (de-)evolution of human interaction began to commence in a different way. People, especially youth were used to send direct text messages to communicate via SMS which was so popular by then. Starting from the instant messaging app ICQ, the Google talk and, later on WhatsApp, Viber and Messenger, Line, Snapchat, Imo, Skype in a row where texting is available, instant and super-fast, the world has unconsciously stepped into a whole new level.

Remember when Smart Phones were firstly introduced?! Youth were going so mad over it and started chatting with each other like maniacs on WhatsApp and Viber. Gradually the web became larger and most of the population started using smart phones where chatting options are highly featured and functioned in an easy accessible way.

To make a quick trip down my memory lane of instant messaging, I was so excited to use Viber for the first time. It was so primitive compared to now but I was so excited thinking of the perks and how instantly I could communicate with my friends. Starting my cyber journey from Viber, today my mainstream has transformed into WhatsApp which I use 24/7.

So easy! So fast!

Who ever thought that communicating via these instant messaging apps would be so easy and super-fast like this? It’s like you have all your favourite or not-so favourite contacts at your reachable length and what you have to do is to connect your smart phone to internet. Tada! You can chat with anybody at any time of the day and you can even send pictures or whatever. There are those cute images like e-stickers called ‘emoji’ where you can reflect your current mood to the other person whereas you can add some vibrancy and peppiness to your conversations.

So, that is the Brightside of the instant messaging apps where you can connect with the world within few second.

What’s so bad about texting?

Even though, I myself am kind of an addict of texting (WhatsApping), I sometimes fear that all our live interactions will be faded away by the time. Yes, we all like being comfy in interaction. There, texting is a plus point. But still, there are some cons that we may experience later in life. Like, getting detached from people, loosening confidence meeting people in flesh and being less creative in life.

Is it wonderful when doing all your conversations than meeting somebody in flesh? Where you look at the eyes of the other and carry on the conversation! I mean, at least can you even feel the emotions which are supposed to trigger during your conversations on WhatsApp? It’s like your vocal cords are replaced by the keyboard and all your emotions are replaced by those emoji stickers. The letters simply voice your mind transcribing your thoughts on the screen where your liveliness and animation are stolen by these social networking services. You mute your voice by letting your keyboard to speak your mind which disables your actual spirit meanwhile.

Decay of Language!

With the evolution of social networking services, mostly English language seems to be devolusionised up to a certain level on its contrary. Just because it is way too easier not to type word in its full form, youth tend to omit letters and create new words (which cannot be considered as standard forms). As for examples; ‘you’ is typed as u, ‘yours’ as urs, ‘we’ as v, to as 2 , ‘from’ as frm, ‘okay’ as K and ‘thnks’ as thx.  There are some slang words as well which are often used while texting; LOL (Laughing Out Loud), FYI (For Your Information), OMG (Oh My God), RIP (Rest In Peace), DM (Direct Message).

The method is so good, but the impact on the language is not so good. It can be seen among the youth, a non-standard terms of language are used in formal settings.

Talk more, type less!

It doesn’t matter even if it is a phone call where you get to talk to the other. Once you limit your texting habit, I’m telling you, all your interactions will not be so boring. Try interacting with your voice and actual spirit. You will certainly find new dimensions of your relationships with whomever you talk with. Because your favourite cyber space is not so pleasant always and you will miss out lot of things in life!

Imperfection is beautiful ♥️

The idea of having a perfect life is some sort of a myth, I suppose. Nothing is perfect in a world like this which is prone to get cracked at any possible moment. Nobody is perfect and everybody is just beautiful in the way they are. Despite the worldly norm keeps going like this, many cling into the belief that they can find perfection in some things they do, hope, and expect or in certain people.

Too much of hope?

Is it good enough to be extremely hopeful in your expectations of perfection? Like, you expecting somebody to be super perfect in the relationship that he/she has with you… Like, you trying to find somebody who is super perfect in almost everything… Like, you hoping to see only the best, or rather perfection in everything you do… Hope is good. It sounds perfect. But keeping up the hope of perfection in everything is not so healthy, I suggest.

Hope of Perfection is threatening!

In a world full of imperfections, expectation of perfection is certainly an unhealthy idea. When you put too much of hope in something you guess that you won’t get wholly, totally or just in the way you want it, it becomes a threat to your sanity. Because the moment you lose it, or you don’t feel the idea of perfection anymore you get devastated. Desperate. And then you begin to act like you lose your whole world which eventually would kill the peace in your mind.

Your flaws shape YOU!

Nobody is flawless. Your flaws are not something that you should feel ashamed of.  Flaws do not define you as loser. Flaws are beautiful. But only you are aware of it and you try to get over them. You had flaws means you had faults, and you have learned. In a way, flaws make you perfect, but not a perfectionist. Learning through your own faults is beautiful more than you ever thought. You learn to realize in what junctions of life you had been wrong. Why the downfalls happened and why you need to get up, wipe your tears and start over one more time.

May be the God made people imperfect in one way or the other, because he wants this world to be beautiful and different, in a way people may not understand at all.

Because you master your soul ♥️

—It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul ˜

First in public quoted by Winston Churchill and later dragged by Nelson Mandela and Barrack Obama in their speeches, I caught my eye at this stanza written by William Ernest Henley in his poem — Invictus ˜ (1875), while I was scrolling down few articles on BBC today. It’s been more than hundred years since he penned the lines, yet the ultimate reality in life is engulfed in an inspirational way. It is surprisingly amazing the meaning lying underneath those few lines is highly relatable even for today. The lines divulge the agonised life story of the death-pained Henley when he was suffering from Tuberculosis, the history says.

The lines quoted by me, I found it as a true inspiration for the life at its darkest moments while travelling through the most narrow valleys in life. Life is not always flowery and sparkling. Once in a while in life, you happen to go through few storms and hurricanes where you lose even the hope in life. You give up almost in everything. You lose faith in God. You start considering yourself as a misery. A damage that is beyond repair. You feel your pain in life and the worst part of it is, it’s tangible. You lose confidence in life. You start fearing the world. You want to be isolated in a corner where nobody can see you, and now you are invisible. The reason behind all these reactions is certainly one thing.  You are scared of getting hurt again and again. You are stabbed, badly. By evil words and mistreats. You are scared of the world, you are scared of everybody. You become cornered and alienated.

Is that who really you are?

Nooooo, right?

– Once you had been a warrior. But now you have forced yourself to forget it. You had so much of super power. But at this point in life, you refuse to see the hidden energy. Because you’re scared and tired. Tired of trying, hoping and praying. You blame God, because your prayers have not been heard.

Is that the real problem?

– Who says yes? All you need is a recap of how you had been few years ago. There was no one to help you out to take you out from the dark alleys. Well, there might have been family and few friends then. How dare you forget them now? Some would still stick with you. Some would still choose you over any circumstance. Over anyone. If there is nobody left, then fine! You are brave enough to go through it, but this time alone. You will be okay, as you always have been.

How can you gather your ‘once lost faith and strength?

The answer is clear. Crystal. Because you know,

‘’ I am the master of my fate:

  I am the captain of my soul ‘’

You need to believe the fact that you still have the spark. The spark to glow yourself. What is that use of having spark and energy without using it?

You can restore your energy once again. You can bloom again. Like a bud blossoming slowly in the spring into a beautiful flower. Healing takes time. It takes time to mend broken pieces. You can be the warrior again. You can get the superpower coming from the sky to gear you up. You shall know that you are the master of your own destiny.

So starting from today, right now, set your mark! Get ready for the longest run and start running!

Bon Voyage!