I think I need to be surrounded by friends at this point of my life. I have always been that one who admires friends and bonds, remembering how precious they can be at times. I can say my circle is bit big and I have friends from everywhere. Some are like home to me while some are really amazing and caring about my growth. There are some others as well with whom I manage well-maintained friendships. For me, there are friends from everywhere whom I met in different phases in life and that makes my days and nights all the time.

I thought of me as a blessed one as I have many friends to talk about my pains and to heal myself. Everyone have their own problems; big or small. The way we face problems could be different and the capacity we have to endure pains is also different. At that point, I believe we all need someone who would listen to us without judging our choices. To lay our heads on a warm shoulder, and may be cry a little bit and to get cuddles. That’s where I get my friends around me.

I’m so grateful, than ever. I have passed many dark phases filled with pains and heartbreaks. Surviving alone. There were times I had nobody to tell but my friends.

I just don’t know how to pass my days without friends by side. I have an amazing bunch around me who would walk over any dead body for me. Well, that’s kind of an exaggeration, but yeah they are. I might have laughed thousand laughs and cried hundred tears with them. They are just amazing!

I think it’s a blessing to have friends who can understand you well when you are in pain. It’s a blessing that you have ones who would listen to you when you are not at ease. It’s a blessing when you have people who would be there for you no matter what! I don’t know what more a girl need more than this in life.

For that, I believe I’m blessed!

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