Does anyone else hate PubG?


At the very outset of my writing, I should mention that I’m out of the PubG league and know nothing of that mad game except from the exaggerations coming from my boyfriend, who plays this mad game like a lunatic. I might have fought hundreds of fights with him asking, pleading and sometimes begging him to stop playing it.

PubG or the ‘Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds’ can be described as one of the most played contemporary video games in the world. But I see this PubG is a complete madness, and I have seen how many youngsters have become total addicts playing it day in day out. The ones who play it, love it to the moon and back (can I say it like that y’all?) Believe it or not I have never hated a game more than this in my entire life, and I have pretty reasons for that.

Providing an insight into the game from what I have discovered by surfing the net, ‘’ PubG is a multi-player online shooter game that allow for solo or team play and subscribes to the battle royale format, which drops 100 players at a time into an enclosed space where they must scavenge for weapons, medical supplies and other resources in an effort to be the last player standing and getting “Chicken dinner”. (Homeopathy Recovery, 2018)

I personally don’t like playing video games, especially where there are guns, shootings, bombs, explosions and battles. Yikes! I have these games like Word Puzzles, QuizUp, Juice Jam, Coloring Book; kind of a mind soothing games stored in my phone and I play them only when I feel bored. Yeah, I know you may call me old school, but that’s fine and I’m happy with my primitive types of games. Apart from that I’m a wimp at playing violent and mind disturbing mobile games while my boyfriend is a pro at it. Hilarious, I know. I even had to do little bit of research on PubG before start writing this.

Playing mobile games sometimes is good. It helps you to break the monotony that creates due to the steady, busy and boring work schedules in your life. It also develops cognitive abilities of the brain like perception, attention, reaction, etc which are extremely fast.  PubG as well, may increase your attention level, eye-hand coordination, speediness, creativity, instant response. It will make you smart or make you feel smart. As far as I know, for a game like PubG, it requires your complete focus, and that’s where you gonna mess everything up with your girl. You focus on the game instead of the girl, and then bang! LOL. I have heard stories of people who have made their partners addict to PubG also, so that there will be no fights between them and the both will play the game happily in unison. This trick was played on me as well by my boyfriend, but me being a hater of violent mobile games did not bring him anywhere than receiving a total rejection from me.  We are still standing in two separate lines, between love and hate toward PubG.

The PubG can be played more effectively when you have teammates, and that’s why others are luring their partners into the game which is cunning in one hand. Quoting Chris Hall (2018) ‘’ there are three modes of play: solo, duo and squad, with the latter letting you team up with three other players for a team of four. Each is a little different with various pros and cons, the big pro of team play being that have people to support you, revive you and bring an element of co-operative tactics to the game.’’

My aim of writing this is to make you aware of the drawbacks or the negative impacts of the violent mobile games, specifically speaking ‘PubG’. Among many of these mobile games, the mad game PubG plays a very significant role in causing people bad mental habits, and leading them towards madness. The gamers neither know that nor want to understand the harmful consequences of the game.

Many scientists/ educators have proved that the constant or the chronic exposure to violent video games create a lower level of empathy and emotional callousness as they contain violent actions such as killing, shooting, explosions, stabbing. The more somebody is addicted to a violent mobile video game, the less he lives in the real world. In terms of children those who are not exposed well to the society unlike adults, tend to adapt to such aggressive behaviour patterns promoted by those games, which may consequently affect their learning behaviour.

The gamers will say that excessive play of video games [PubG *WINK*] is not an addiction, but when you keep every other work aside just to play the damn game, hey you’re addicted to that. Do they even know that ‘’the World Health Organization in June 2018 declared gaming addiction as a mental health disorder.’’ Citing Tumbokon (2018) further ‘’video games increases their depression and anxiety levels. Addicted kids also exhibit social phobias. Not surprisingly, kids addicted to video games see their school performance suffer. MRI scans reveal that addictive video games can have a similar effect on kids’ brains as drugs and alcohol.’’ This can be related to the adults as well, when you do not answer the phone calls and unwilling to pause the game of being afraid of missing a damn level or losing the game, how do you describe such behaviour? For god’s sake, that’s a complete addiction.

PubG is a complete madness which draws lines inbetween your virtual boost/ pleasure and the real world relationships.  I’m talking about this through experience and from the stories I have heard. Yesterday a colleague at my workplace was scolding her son and his wife, because their 2 ½ year old baby had fallen off from the bed meanwhile the both parents were playing PubG. It was said that the toddler had been continuously vomiting as her head was knocked on the floor. The grandmother; my colleague was cursing the game and blaming that the baby had not been receiving enough attention as both parents were addicted to the PubG. What more do we need to prove that game addiction just cut your relationships off from the real world.

However, no one can say that playing PubG like a mad man is funny or healthy. Further quoting from the site Homepathy Recovery, ‘’It’s like it unlocked a whole new Spectrum of ways to act in my brain. I know it sounds crazy but PubG really IS like a drug, a good one that is, when taking responsibly, just like anything else.” 

True, it may need your total focus, and once you’re an addict of it, you never look back to pause other connections in the real world, just to play this damn game. This is a total waste of time, and it keeps you away from the reality. It takes your sleep, daily chores, interactions and the time you have given to your loved ones also. Basically it takes your everything. I know the lovers of PubG gonna hate my article, but you have no idea how much of hatred and disappointment implanted in my mind towards your mind blowing game.


2 Replies to “Does anyone else hate PubG?”

  1. I don’t think it is the problem of PubG. It is more about “our inability to control ourselves”. Whatever the thing it may be: video games, alcohol, cigar, porn etc. Nothing occupies major space in our heads unless we willingly give into it. Crossing the limits should alarm people to be cautious about their time, studies, health, relation etc. I too enjoy playing this PubG, but I restricted it to just 1-2 games per day (or sometimes never) as I know how immensely it consumes my time when I “give into it”. As you said, the violence in the game is really a serious concern especially to teenagers. But, as long as we take it as a scripted violence like in movies, it won’t literally enter into “our heads”.
    I humbly suggest you to smoothly deal with your boyfriend and encourage him to utilize his time in some other creative/healthy fields.


  2. My son plays it with his friend and I came to know about it one night at 11 PM when he was shouting ,I mean he was asking his friend to hit or shoot .I was surprised to hear him talking alone in his room then his mom told me about the game.I have never tried it .Thanks a lot for the interesting post.


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