Feel no shame at your struggles!

The idea of having a perfect life is some sort of a myth, I suppose. Nothing is perfect in a world like this which is prone to get cracked at any possible moment. Nobody is perfect and everybody is just beautiful in the way they are. Despite the worldly norm keeps going like this, many cling into the belief that they can find perfection in some things they do, hope, and expect or in certain people as well.

Too much of hope?

Is it good enough to be extremely hopeful in your expectation of perfection? Like, you expecting somebody to be super perfect in the relationship that he/she has with you… Like, you trying to find somebody who is super perfect in almost everything… Like, you hoping to see only the best, or rather perfection in everything you do… Hope is good. It sounds perfect. But keeping up the hope of perfection in everything is not so healthy, I suggest.

Hope of Perfection is threatening!

In a world full of imperfections, expectation of perfection is certainly an unhealthy idea. When you put too much of hope in something you guess that you won’t get wholly, totally or just in the way you want it, it becomes a threat to your sanity. Because the moment you lose it, or you don’t feel the idea of perfection anymore you get devastated. Desperate. And then you begin to act like you lose your whole world which eventually would kill the peace in your mind.

Your flaws shape YOU!

Nobody is flawless. Your flaws are not something that you should feel ashamed of.  Flaws do not define you as loser. Flaws are beautiful. But only you are aware of it and you try to get over them. You had flaws means you had faults, and you have learned. In a way, flaws make you perfect, but not a perfectionist. Learning through your own faults is beautiful more than you ever thought. You learn to realize in which junctions of life you had been wrong. Why the downfalls happen and why you need to get up, wipe your tears and start over one more time.

May be the God made people imperfect in one way or the other, because he wants this world to be beautiful and different, in a way people may not understand at all!!!!


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