Gods in Real World!


An article written about the plight of the old aged at Elder’s homes triggered me in the morning. The article was full of pictures taken  reflecting snippets of their daily routines at a lonely care home in India. I was almost in the verge of crying when I was done reading the article. I was like, how can a child turned into a heartless grown-up casting aside their own aged parents like trash. I still can’t understand how children get such strength to act mercilessly towards the ones who created and raised them up into the big people today.

If they knew how lonely their parents feel once stuck in a care home, with complete strangers, having nobody to care for them, without anybody to show love, they would never abandon their parents. If they knew what their mothers had gone through starting at giving birth, carrying them in the tummy for nine months and suffering from that huge labour pain.

Love is all we need. Care is all we crave for. How would we take it if we feel unwanted by our parents at a certain age? But they never failed in loving us. Never failed in giving us the best that they could ever give. They became our anchors when our life ship was about to get wrecked by a storm.

For me, my mom is everything and I simply cannot think of a day without her. I am so afraid to lose her. Well, that happens when somebody becomes your whole world and you cannot imagine of a life without that person. And I can’t picture my mom staying at a care home having none of us to talk to. It’s all the same with my dad! I don’t know where I’d be in ten year time. But I will keep chanting it to myself, that wherever I’d be I must be doing everything to make my parents happy.


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