There were lot of cryings on my side!!!


I don’t want to sound so pathetic to other people. I have issues. I feel anguish and pain. I feel not so-okay. I cry like a freak. Still I’m okay. I’m going so okay. And I know that there are certain things in life which we can’t control. Things which would not happen in our way. We feel agonized and so down when something is not happening the way we want them to happen. We think deeper and decided to dwell on the same pains, knowing that certain things will always go against our will.

But the truth is that we can’t control them.

Some people will always end up hurting us no matter how strong our grip is. I sometimes think, hearts are made to be hurt. We should feel pain also. We should go through several downfalls to know what life really is. To know how hurt feels like.

And recently I learned that letting go of certain things is an art; an art which needs to be practiced and mastered. On the contrary, to be very honest that’s where I’m so weak at. I would cry a lot, not having the heart to let go of something. I had cried so many tears for not getting my favourite shoes, or may be a fancy dress or else not having best marks. And later on tears of fear of losing favourite people. I might have cried a million tears and spent sleepless nights; lamenting on things and people whom I can’t change. I have cried a thousand tears for not getting the love I deserve or may be the attention I need in life. I’m so good at crying and going to sleep like that. Eyes swollen and sound shaken. When will I ever learn my lesson?

I think now my time has come. For my best. I need to practice fighting pains. I should act stronger and more matured. Sometimes crying is okay. We can get back our lost power and energy by letting go of sad shades engulfed in the deep heart’s core. The funny thing is that I’m fully aware of the things which I can’t control but I can’t get let go of that tight grip. Things will work, even if we don’t like it. Your loved ones will act so ridiculously and say mean things probably you don’t want to see or hear. But the truth is that, we can’t stop it. We can’t stop it how hard we try. So the best thing is we should let that pain to come and let the heart to get washed by it. Not to make it a habit, but to get much stronger. Our hearts will learn the pain and how it tastes like.

Crying is so okay, but not every time. Cry! Fight back! You will learn and you will smile!


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