For my passion is WRITING!!!!


In the history of my life, writing has ever been my passion. The greatest apart from reading, I can tell you. I can hardly mask my glee whenever I get a good time and a good book to read. On the other way around, I’m happy to write. About anything. And once I finished a writing I feel so accomplished. Feel like I have put down a burden carrying for so long. Feel like I could see the light.

Somewhere I read that, ‘you shouldn’t write when you shouldn’t and you couldn’t.’ I find myself finding a pen and a paper when I feel so moved by happiness, sorrow and even anger. And sometimes I write through pain and tears. Because the more I get used to write my heart out, I feel like all my pains are gone, like my happiness is so complete. So whenever I feel down or elated, I write. I write even if doesn’t make any sense. I write even it doesn’t have a clear sense. And at the end of every writing I feel so relieved. And that’s how writing works for me! Works on me!

When life gets little overwhelming with the things we love and hate, we sometimes don’t know whether to take them in or to breathe it out. We get clueless. We get miserable. And start thinking which eventually would turn into overthinking. I suggest what if you can write few lines about how you are feeling. What if you can tell it to a paper and feel so relieved. Because I do it most of time and I got my perks!

I wanted to write for an audience even if they are not interested in reading. That’s why I started a blog of my own so that I can communicate with the world through the medium of writing. I can express what I am feeling and I can be relieved. If somebody is enjoying my writing then I will be more pleased. Even if nobody gets to see that I will still be okay and I will still be writing. The more I write, the less pressure I feel. That’s how writing marvels me!

Writing is an art, one can say. But everyone who writes is not probably needed to be an artist in the art of writing. You just need to have the heart to write and see the magic of it. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t have an audience to read your pieces.  That’s okay. You can read it for yourself, when you are free and fine. Believe me when I tell you this. Writing shapes you to a smart one. To a better one.  You will see new horizons and it will sharp your mind. To see the light in things which you weren’t used to see so. Because while doing your own pieces, you get time to analyse your own stories and you will start to see the light which would eventually make your life the brightest!.


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