Let’s celebrate Feminism in a more delicate way!


I have never wanted to call myself a complete feminist. I’d rather tell the world that I have been governed by certain feministic views due to my feministic education which eventually changed my viewpoint in looking at certain things to the point I claim for the equality for women. I do really can’t stand it when women are mistreated, humiliated, degraded and violated.

Yes, I support women to get equal rights. I will talk against when women are mistreated. I will stand against when women are humiliated. But I don’t want to be labelled as a ruthless feminist. Feminism is such an interesting topic to me. I value feminism to a very great extent.

I’m not an activist. But I like feminism, but only the delicate facet of it. I like it when women are treated equally. Like when women get recognition. I like it when men give chance to talk women. To let women to do things trusting in their power.  You know that it’s beautiful. I like it when men look at women not just as sex objects but as a person with so much of will power.

I’m not a feminist either.  The reason is that the man whom I’m in love with doesn’t need a stubborn ass girlfriend. He appreciates delicacy in women. He doesn’t want to be his wife to be some radical kind of woman which I’m very aware of. If I want to share the rest of my life with him, yes, I know I have to be delicate as a woman. To meet his like of a good wife material, I’m okay being so subtle and delicate. But I’m not telling that he is the complete reason for me not being a feminist in action. Of course, in love we have to keep up that magical balance in everything. ‘I won’t do this and you won’t be doing that too.’  It’s always a win win game for me. That way my personal life gets better and peaceful without involving in any active kind of feminism.

I prefer a very subtle form of feminism. Where women don’t act aggressively, always talking shit about men. I like it when women remain as the delicate creatures as they are supposed to be. Women should be subtle in times of need. When it’s necessary. When it’s the time. I’m telling you, a violent form of feminism will not get you somewhere peaceful. In feminism, the more you tend to be violent and aggressive, the less attraction you will get from the male kind. Men will only see you as a woman with so much of hatred towards them.  What kind of a man would like to share his whole life with that type of woman?

For men, from what I have seen and heard so far, want their homes to be temples. Well that is a so Sri Lankan metaphor.  Simply, men need care and attention. For more than anything they need love. Love coming from a fragile female. The other way around, we, women also want that to the maximum. Speaking of Sri Lankan context, practicing any hard form of feminism is not so practical since our traditions are ingrained to our veins, where men want fragile wife material to look after them. For a prosperous marriage.   So being a male hating feminist is apparently a failure for a good marriage union.

True that women should receive equality in every sphere as a social being; in education, law, religion, politics, economy, professions and in almost everything. Men should understand the fact that females have equal powers, that they are equal human beings. Women are not to be considered as play objects or some entertainment source. We want recognition. To be believed that we have will power. That we can do anything. Women should know where to be fragile. To remember that they are women and being aggressive toward men in the name of feminism does not look nice on them.


5 Replies to “Let’s celebrate Feminism in a more delicate way!”

  1. Well, if I had some amazing adjectives I’d use them here, but I’m honestly speechless. This such a good way to put across what Feminism should mean.
    Because, fighting for peace is a total misconception. You are not proving the point of ‘no war’ because you are fighting too.
    I just men and women to be treated equally. Not with women over-powering men, or men over-powering women – I want a balance. And I don’t want to see men and women being separated so violently.
    What I really want to say to the world is:
    Stop judging to opposite sex and carry on with life, not craving seeing the other’s body or anything disgusting like that – just get on, there are other things you should prioritise.
    Haha still ranting! 😂

    And thank you for following my blog, I am loving yours too!

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